marcia clark

I interviewed her. That Marcia Clark. Pretty wild. Skipped school to watch the verdict come in. I don’t know, maybe I’m making too big a deal about it. But since I’m kind of “in to” true crime stuff these days, it feels kinda wow. And her show was actually good.

This was my first solo radio interview. Rich had to leave early.

work update

Posted about this on TWER, so whatevs, I’ll just paste it here.

In pursuit of cash to justify this whole Auburn fixation, Jeremy Henderson (that would be me) is now spreading his storytelling talents across the internet. Which is to say that in addition to TWER, I’m writing “Living and Culture” stuff for, and plumbing the depths of Auburn history for the relentless Auburn coverage machine that is Auburn Undercover.

Most of the stuff for Auburn Undercover (which is under the heading Lore Eagle) is for subscribers only, and it’s pretty good. A story on how Phil Neel got the Auburn program cover gig. A fun story on how Pat Dye going for the tie in the 1988 Sugar Bowl impacted Auburn’s women’s basketball team. Another fun thing on how Terry Bowden almost played for Shug. Some awesome never-before-seen home movies of the Amazins. (If you’re a subscriber, you can find them all here.)

But here are links to the free stuff:

The time Pat Dye scouted Auburn for Alabama

A look back at Terry Bowden, Auburn pitch man

Meet East Carolina coach Pat Dye

The order form that helped Auburn baseball win the 1920 conference championship


Most recently for, I have been your No. 1 source for in-depth Pizza Girl reporting.

Pizza-loving teen whose Papa John’s essay got her accepted to Yale chooses Auburn

Papa John’s offers internship, free pizza to incoming Auburn freshman who went viral for Yale-worthy essay

And the wrap up…

Incoming Auburn freshman reflects on whirlwind week as viral ‘Pizza Girl’

TWER has had the videos:

VIDEO: Connecticut news anchors indignant over Papa John’s purist choosing Auburn over Yale—and New Haven pizza

VIDEO: Shouts of ‘War Eagle’—and one ‘Roll Tide’—pepper TV news coverage of Papa John’s Pizza Girl choosing Auburn over Yale

VIDEO: ‘Today,’ ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan,’ and other national TV coverage of Auburn’s Yale-spurning Pizza Girl

Other good stuff:


Former Auburn football star got acting start as Burt Reynolds lookalike

Sally Field, Auburn fan? 

Does Ryan Seacarest have a soft spot for Auburn?

David Hasselhoff gave the loudest, longest ‘War Eagle’ you’ll hear today

And you probably saw the Trump thing.

tone L.O.C.

Just came up with the title. Phone. Dial tone. Library of Congress. L.O.C. = Tone L.O.C. Now I don’t feel so bad wasting time on this. But yeah, trying to reach out (yet again) to the Library of Congress for help tracking down an old National Enquirer article (which is going to be part of a great TWER story) and after some back and forth via the automated web form and random LinkedIn stalking (premium has its perks, people), decided to go through the front door again. Which I was sure actually didn’t open. And it doesn’t. Three options, dead end, “Please call…” the exact same number I just called. But still, it sounded so fancy. Straight out of All The President’s Men—even the “from a rotary phone…” option. When’s the last time you heard that?



Oh wow, it’s my hundredth post.

i love ginny tiu, too

New favorite band. This is the stuff you find when you’re me. I was researching something for TWER but still haven’t finished it because the things of TWER grew strangely dim in the light of Billy Sunshine.


Auburn Bikini could have covered the heck out of that thing.

Here she is on the Danny Thomas Show 10 years earlier.

the doll fin

Just finished (I think, who knows) Auburn Magazine story on Auburn’s social media brat pack. “Brat pack” — that’s how I pitched it. Seemed like it’d hook them. It did. And it’s an easy way to describe it on a To Do list, etc. But it’s not like they’re pals or anything, despite being basically the same age and passing each other in Haley Center and rubbing L.A. elbows.

Me: blah blah blah Ricky Dillon.

Meghan: Does he have some connection to Auburn? What? That’s so funny. I had no idea he went there.

I’m writing too much here. I just wanted to embed these things before Vine dies, and it dies in three hours. Because I’ve been through a million vines today and man, Sara Hopkins deserves everything she can get her hands on. I’d seen the dolphin Christmas party back when I “edited” that thing that dude wrote on her for TWER in 2014 (back when Buzzfeed was if not a punch line, then as I put it, a “viral content repository”). But the second one is even better. Hopefully they’ll stay embedded. I’ll feel even dumber if they don’t.

Congrats on everything, Sara — you may be a genius.

i carrie you in my heart


In 1991, I asked the woman on Prodigy who knew all the celebrities address for Carrie Fisher’s. Carrie sent me an autographed photo. She wasn’t wearing the bikini. It was just a head shot but still. It’s in the storage unit. More on all that stuff later.

She died. Text from the mother-in-law. Good grief. It’s enough to make me stop rolling my eyes at all the 2016 blah blah blah. PRINCESS LEIA.

And I’m not going to let myself feel bad for calling her that. From what I can tell she embraced the life Star Wars handed her. Which really makes me want to believe that she is — she was — fine with where she lived in my mind. That she would have been fine with the Return of the Jedi bikini picture I decided not to tweet out the other day with the #Prayers when the heart attack happened. She knew what she was doing. Everyone did. I was four years old. It was on a giant screen. Anyone who says that that can’t be the first thing I think about is a jerk (unlike The Jerk).

This is for you, for us, your highness. Largest file I can find. With pride.


But sure, I know her name. It’s Carrie Fisher. Which is why the guy who does a website in me starts searching for “Carrie Fisher” (which is something I actually do always feel kinda bad about). And I find Carrie Fisher. I found her in 1973. And she kinda ruled. Read this on the new site.

“Before they meet you, people have made up their minds. So if you go into show business you must be a big star or forget it.”

That’s what she told the AP reporter that year when the first real stuff about her started showing up. Because all the real stuff about her was about her being Debbie Reynolds’ daughter and Eddie Fisher’s daughter, which is understandable. And she understood it, too. She embraced it (she was apparently good at embracing things).  I’m pretty sure I read in a Weekly Reader or something that struggling against the cocoon builds up the butterfly’s wings. Emerging from the “Daughter of” shadow would make her stronger. That’s how she looked at it. And Lord, that’s what she did.

Because I know it sounds bad, but until Jennie started looking up stuff about her when we heard about the heart attack, I had no idea she was Debbie Reynolds’ daughter. Honestly, I barely even know who Debbie Reynolds is or was or whatever. I mean, I know the name. Maybe the face. She was still a thing, even when she wasn’t still a thing. But Eddie Fisher? I probably would have said a singer if you’d asked me. Other than that, I got nothing.

She didn’t come out of her parents’ shadows. She swallowed them up in her own. That takes a special someone.

If I had stayed in Lubbock an extra week (seven years ago), I could have interviewed her. I almost did, just for that. Totally should have.

“Sorry five-year-old daughter, I know I haven’t seen you in 6 weeks, but we’re going to have to make it seven…”

Again, check this out.

the human fund

Christmas present from 11-year-old comic genius Sadie.


I do my best to mute and stay away from ‘The Contest’ type episodes and stuff, but when I see and hear things like this I thank God for our Seinfeld cultural studies class. Paying off big time.


This starts out so great. The woods part. Up until just after the zoom in on the eyes.

The song is so great. I have daydreams of getting into something like a studio with her, but actually like a real life situation, like a video setting or something but it’s real, and belting it out with her. Because I can. I can hit it. And it’s good. My voice is right there with it, loud and clear.  Juliana Barwick has a powerful effect on the whole fam, especially myself and Quinn. I’d seriously PayPal her some cash if there was a place to do it. Or wait, I guess I could just actually buy a record or something. Wild. Are there 3xT Juliana Barwick shirts? But yeah, The Magic Place gets him to sleep and Same keeps him there and takes me places.

OMG, places like The Magic Place! I just checked the video for that and the whole thing is great. Gosh it’s good. It’s perfect. We all started in heaven.