rip, wonderbar

There was this dude, let’s call him Wonderbar, which is what he called himself, on YouTube. He had posted every episode of every Disney Afternoon cartoon. It was an amazing library. The man was a saint. Sadie was hooked. There aren’t cartoons like that on television anymore.

And now they’re not on YouTube anymore. User account suspended. Rescue Ranger episode frozen in midstream. Sadie and I are both genuinely depressed about it.

It’d be one thing if he was hurting sales of “Disney Afternoon” DVDs, or licensing revenue from reruns. But there aren’t DVDs. There aren’t reruns. And Disney still went straight up Flintheart Glomgold on him, on all of us.

Singing the theme songs to DuckTales, Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, and Tail Spin (never got around to Goof Troop) with Sadie was one of my favorite things to do in life. Reenacting the last episodes was one of my favorite things to do in life (my Fat Cat, Mole, Meps, Launch Pad, Balloo, Uncle Scrooge and Monterrey Jack impressions are killer). Gadget is one of Sadie’s role models. Or at least she was.

Blatherinblatherskeit, Wonderbar, I’ll never forget you.

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