fervent admirers

My editor at Auburn Magazine pointed me to some praise for the Bo Jackson story I wrote for them (also posted at TWER) from UMagazinology, a blog of  “news and observations from university magazines” :

Auburn Magazine has done a lot of things right lately, and I’d list the latest cover and cover story among them. The story is by Jeremy Henderson, an Auburn alum and fervent admirer of Bo Jackson, the Heisman Trophy–winning running back from Auburn who went on to stardom in both professional football and baseball. Assigned by Auburn Magazine to interview Jackson on the 25th anniversary of his Heisman, Henderson must confront the fact that Jackson prefers not to be interviewed by anyone, and consistently eludes Henderson’s attempts to pigeonhole him. The writer, who at age 5 had actually met Jackson at a charity event, does the smart thing with the story and mimics Gay Talese stalking Frank Sinatra. The resultant piece is clever, but cleverer, I think, is the cover, a simple typographical play on the Nike ad campaign that could not be avoided 20 years ago—“Bo Knows.” Betsy Robertson edits the magazine.

Clever, yes. But cleverer? Impossible. (I was kind of hoping they’d go with the Polaroid of me sitting in his lap.)

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