bra ball

Added a few hundred words to my giant, patient Memories of Lubbock file, which I forget about a lot, but enjoy when I find it when I’m trying to write, just write, just write something—it’s convenient, it’s right there. Don’t crucify yourself with another blank document—go to Lubbock! (Except I actually haven’t gotten to Lubbock yet. Seven thousand words over the span of a year and I’m still in the air, about to land for the interview. I’m kind of proud of that.*)

To find it, I have to search “Lubbock” on the computer and I always see the photo.


It went with my first Pinktober Breast Cancer Awareness Month story, which is blessed with the best lead I’ve ever written:

“Texas has a bra ball in it.”

I thought they’d all get it. Only one of them did, but it was the only one who needed to: the copy editor. She laughed, let me get away with it. God bless her.

* I’m actually thinking of starting a separate blog (of course) for some of the stuff, add some urgency to the recollecting: Buddy Holy. That’s what I wanted to name the blog I had to start out there. (I was so proud. Terry, the editor, brought it up in a meeting and they all laughed before they said no. Not sure if they thought it would offend Lubbockites as Christians or as Buddy Holly fans. Because I ended up going with the Gospel According to Blog, which to me, smacks of sacrilege even more.) If I do, I’ll go up a cup-size on the bra ball story story. It’s good. Teaser: The next lines were “It’s big. It’s going to get bigger.”

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