july update


Blame them.

I haven’t been July’in around, no, I’ve been busy, I think. But it’s been a while since I’ve posted something, for a bunch of reasons. The biggest one right now is that I’m working on a book — not that one, another one… what I hope will be the Coven to my streaking Northwestern. I always try to play my cards close to my vest (that’s the expression, right?) when it comes to projects and such because I’m always thinking someone is going to come steal it (please don’t steal it), but I’ll tell you: It’s a book on Auburn’s 1913 football season. Which was a hundred years ago and fascinating. Hoping to get it done super quick before the season and Amazon it and start some super quick Amazon book career to keep us flush with pizza money until I write the big one, and then the next big one, and the one after that. Then I’ll probably die (but not really).

I’ll of course totally start another blog when its ready (please pray for me, pray that I can get actually get it ready) in order to promote it and such, but I’ll try to keep you updated here in the meantime, on it (the book), and everything else. I still have that series of Things I’ve Done Or Accomplished Or Whatever In The Past Couple Of Years And Wish I Had Blogged About series to work on, and I’m reading a lot (narrative non-fictionish stuff, total inundation) in my attempts to be a writer (like, three books in maybe a month or so — probably hasn’t happened since the Hardy Boy summer of ’89). And they’re good books. People blog about good books they’re read. Anyway, that’s what’s going on.

vine whine

My first real attempt at a Vine video. And it worked. But never posted to Twitter. Which means I can’t find the URL thing to let me embed it or link to. And the Vine app for Android doesn’t have a “share” option thing to click or hold down or check or anything to try to to tweet it again or whatever. I’ve looked. God’s looked. It’s not there. It’s madness.

But I dig the footage too much (for some reason) to keep it from the world. So here it is, Sadie razoring through Haley Center a couple of Saturdays back, with total disregard for whatever the Quiet Zone is. Just keep hitting replay.