boris babes

was fooling around with google reverse image search and this is the one i tried and totally thought it would have popped up everywhere, but no, nada — so boris, if you’re reading this, these girls totally seem legit and probably aren’t catfishing you.

borris becker girls

i must have gotten it from the sports illustrated vault’s twitter account—guess twitter feeds don’t register—which is beyond great exactly for things like pictures of mid-80s teenage german tennis groupies. and i thought it’d be kind of cool to be the only place to find it on the internet, at least with the image search thing. cause you could obviously just fish back through the twitter feed; now i don’t feel so special. but you get the idea.

i was totally a boris becker man growing up, had his racket and everything… which i guess is really to say that i had his racket, a boris becker junior, and that’s what made me a boris becker man—i was just super proud of that racket for some reason, thought the tinted signature across the strings alone upped my game or something. told everybody. unzipped it nice and deliberately at the tennis day camp things i would go to at the rec center (could have been a contender!). I was later really into michael chang man because of the underhand serve. i secretly kind of like tennis and remember more and more that i watched it a decent bit as a kid. makes me feel special since david foster wallace was so into it and everything.

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