where i ramble about stan white when i should be making my dreams come true

Turned a sentence I was going to use in a story about the 1899 Auburn-Georgia game in a separate post (trick of the trade), something quick and dumb about the 1992 game, which weirdly I had almost forgotten about. But when I found that video, yep, totally the way I remember it. Exactly. So here’s the screen cap of Stan White I used for the preview window on the homepage. Because I liked it.

Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.49.44 AM

I’ve always liked Stan White. Wish there were more solid memories of him. But I guess there are enough. I just called him (left a message) about maybe interviewing tonight on It’s Pronounced Jordan. I don’t know, I just like Stan White. Great quarterback, and he’s actually really good up in that broadcast booth. America is better for him.

Also, I really don’t consider that a mullet. Some Georgia fan on the message board where I found the video was all LOL about it. But I think there has to be intent with a mullet, like, you have to be going for length, i.e. a subversive-ish long-hair-on-a-dude statement. With Stan, and even with Saved By The Bell era Mario Lopez (which is pretty much his only era, right? Save his right place / time side-by-side with Miss The Iraq And Such As), I think it’s just the cut or something, if that makes sense. I mean, you’re allowed to have hair on the back of your neck a little. Mine starts growing out and looking dumb, but that doesn’t make it a mullet.

I mean, here, even in high school. He’s just a dude, right? That was four years ago and I didn’t think to try to take a quick, easy, mullet snark angle to the post. And no one left any mullet comment or anything… no spamlink to a mulletstickers.com or something.

Hope to hear from you, Stan!

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