bleacher report superfan

Bleacher Report was this content farm punchline for forever, a sports blog pyramid scheme that you’d finally have to explain to your dad if you wanted to liberate your inbox from Subject: Fwd>>>Top Ten Google Image results for Auburn Football emails. And it pretty much still is in a lot of ways. (And in a lot of ways, hey that’s fine, more search engine power to you, Featured Writer #7,683, “Reads” ahoy. It’s really only annoying when I see Featured Writer #7683’s 400 Hottest Oregon Cheerleaderz slideshow make Google News results when TWER regularly breaks real stories that receive national attention but is repeatedly rejected from consideration. I’ve revealed too much.) But they’ve tried to make the leap into actual, not just perceived legitimacy in the past year or so by standing up for themselves in comment threads (Lordy, forgot how many there were) paying real people real money for real things, people like Justin. I was of course super pumped for him (cause the money is actually great… they were bought by CNN or something I think he said and are just sitting on mountains of internet cash, like that Jessie Pinkman “Money Money Money” party scene) and he’s been doing great from what I can tell. And he asked me be the Auburn half of this Iron Bowl Q&A thing (Our Auburn fan is Jeremy Henderson. Henderson is the editor of The War Eagle Reader and serves the community <<YES! YOU’RE WELCOME!>> as a local historian <<YES! HOUSEL WHO?!>>and authority on all things Auburn <<YES!>>and Auburn fandom) they posted today. Turned in the answers super-quick super-late last night. Kind of pleased with myself on a couple of them. Which is sad, but whatever.


I think about my family and how I should be working even harder to provide for them. Cam makes me want to be a better man. He’s an inspiration.

They needed a picture and I sent a couple that I knew would go with the tone and they said yes, it would go with the tone, and they went with “the one where you’re looking into the camera,” Justin said, “and not off of it like a pretween selfie.”

Exclusive content:


He interviewed me for something about the 2010 Iron Bowl, too. Probably running tomorrow. Beat Bama.

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