quelle difference

So many celebrities dying on Twitter. It’s always a a split second of ______ when you see it. Like the world, or at least your world, has to skip just a second to update to a world without , as of five minutes ago, Joan Rivers. (Unless of course it’s  Robin Williams and then the rest of your day is ruined. There’s no real getting used to that. No offense, Joan.) But this one was kind of weird, took an extra second or two, because not last night, but the night before I was hanging out with Joan Rivers.

See, Tavis Smiley gets me every time.For about a year now, I switch it back to PBS at night to make sure the kids don’t wake up to “Amish Sluts” or something and there’s this Tavis dude who appeared out of nowhere. And his name’s Tavis. Tavis Smiley. That’s his name. And the show has this ridiculous, late 80s public access intimacy to it that makes you scratch your 2014 head for a while, that you know you’ll never be able to really describe properly to someone. But then there’s all these mega A-listers on there and it’s like they’re totally honored. And somehow,I got to hand him to him, it works. And I keep watching. I lose at least another 10 or 15 minutes of sleep. God help me, I guess I’m a Tavis Smiley fan. And yeah, the other night, Tuesday night, it’s me and, Tavis, and Joan Rivers. And she’s looking very Joan Rivers and talking very Joan Rivers. But she said some really inspirational stuff. I know. It’s wild. But she did, so inspirational I almost started quoting it during a big heart to heart with someone the other day. Move forward. Keep moving forward. It’s cliche I guess. Everyone says it. But something about it coming from Joan Rivers, during a conversation about that legendary snub from Carson I’ve only just now really started hearing about,  I don’t know, it really resonated and I’ve been drawing a little strength from it. So rest in peace, Joan Rivers. Thanks, Joan Rivers.