post-loss blues

Just corrected someone at on where the rivalry stands (James 1:16 at the beginning of the tweet) and dude retweeted it, so that made it a little better. Making a difference.

Sitting here with Sadie and Jennie and they’re doing Minecraft. It’s crazy. Bonding over Minecraft. I should have known. And I’m sitting here trying to start a new blog for every word in the English language. I’m also DJing. Magnetic Fields, who Sadie thinks should have named themselves Dark Oak. Magnetic Fields is pretty magical as far as names go but Dark Oak is powerful, too. Now it’s bed time. Fun stops. C’est la vie.

(written after the Georgia loss, published Monday. I didn’t even post it. Not that I was devastated or anything. Just titling it that because that a trope type thing, right?)

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