Road Trip and Music

Some stream crossing here. Dr. J with the guy from Vigilantes of Love. They weren’t super hip or anything, but still a fairly big name back in the alternateen vistas of 1990s Christian Birmingham. And now he and Jolley are pals. Heard all it about at Basden Eye Center. How did Dr. Jolley get into Vigilantes of Love. Who knows—and hey, who cares? People have different journeys that you know nothing, about, Jeremy. We’re all people. Music is music. And life is still happening. It just keeps happening. For me, Dr. Jolley, the guy from Vigilantes of Love. (My first reblog is proof– here goes…)

Quantum Est In Rebus Inane


Well, I suppose it wasn’t that much of a road trip.  A couple of hours plus a few minutes.  Got a chance to see Bill Mallonee and Muriah Rose, touring behind Winnowing.  I also got to meet them and to talk a bit.  Salt of the earth–but with all of their savor.  A memorable evening.

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Because the name is too good to give up on (and the graphic I Photoshopped two years ago even better), I’ve decided to once again surrender to my paralyzing compartmentalization impulse (again) and re-start blogging all my telestuff on MATLOG. Tele your friends!


my best doppelnamer

This is the guy. There’s some b-list MMA fighter (no offense, I’m sure you’re good, rep that name, baby), some work-from-home mentor dot commer, who’s probably my biggest current competition in terms of web presence, but old late 70s British by way of California skateboard JH is probably my biggest competition in terms of overall celebrity (FOR NOW). I will obviously be using that name graphic somewhere. It’s enough to make me want to switch to that old, classic WP theme, just to see it at the top. [UPDATE: Wait, I can do it on this one, i.e. I just did it on this one. Yea? Nay?]


victoria jackson as mrs. claus

There’s something about her. Found this while writing this. She went to Auburn. There’s even more something about her.


Here she is at Auburn. Was so happy I found this. Unlabeled, but it’s her. I knew forever that she’d gone here. It’s one of those things you hear about. But never did hardcore digging. When I did, there she was, this golden Shira of the stage. In Auburn. In the early 80s. I could write a great short story. Normally I’d try to keep this to TWER because only TWER can have it and keep it and appreciate it. But no, it deserves to be out there. Just know I put it out there, that I have a special relationship with it. I’ve tried to email her a few times for interviews. Never works. You’d think it would work but it hasn’t worked. It’s OK.

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This is great, too.