kate bush

I’m working so so so hard on a book, so no no no I say whenever I want to blog (and whenever I want to start an entirely new blog — multiple of times of day this happens, the battle consumes me), but I’m hopscotching around the desk top and there she is, Kate Bush, screengrabs from the other day when I allowed myself to take a step beyond “Wuthering Heights.” Something called Babooshka (a big word from my childhood). And a song called something else. We all watched as the Samsung beamed it to the Sony transfixed by the naked sincerity of it all. I had no idea. I mean, I guess I should have. But I didn’t.

Crop, save, repeat. And five days later, that’s what got me blogging!

kate bush 1

kate bush 2

kate bush 3

I mean, I’d still probably choose Princess Leia, just for the name recognition and sense of accomplishment. But I don’t know.

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