tone L.O.C.

Just came up with the title. Phone. Dial tone. Library of Congress. L.O.C. = Tone L.O.C. Now I don’t feel so bad wasting time on this. But yeah, trying to reach out (yet again) to the Library of Congress for help tracking down an old National Enquirer article (which is going to be part of a great TWER story) and after some back and forth via the automated web form and random LinkedIn stalking (premium has its perks, people), decided to go through the front door again. Which I was sure actually didn’t open. And it doesn’t. Three options, dead end, “Please call…” the exact same number I just called. But still, it sounded so fancy. Straight out of All The President’s Men—even the “from a rotary phone…” option. When’s the last time you heard that?



Oh wow, it’s my hundredth post.