the doll fin

Just finished (I think, who knows) Auburn Magazine story on Auburn’s social media brat pack. “Brat pack” — that’s how I pitched it. Seemed like it’d hook them. It did. And it’s an easy way to describe it on a To Do list, etc. But it’s not like they’re pals or anything, despite being basically the same age and passing each other in Haley Center and rubbing L.A. elbows.

Me: blah blah blah Ricky Dillon.

Meghan: Does he have some connection to Auburn? What?┬áThat’s so funny. I had no idea he went there.

I’m writing too much here. I just wanted to embed these things before Vine dies, and it dies in three hours. Because I’ve been through a million vines today and man, Sara Hopkins deserves everything she can get her hands on. I’d seen the dolphin Christmas party back when I “edited” that thing that dude wrote on her for TWER in 2014 (back when Buzzfeed was if not a punch line, then as I put it, a “viral content repository”). But the second one is even better. Hopefully they’ll stay embedded. I’ll feel even dumber if they don’t.

Congrats on everything, Sara — you may be a genius.


scarlett robonahnnsen

This is the kind of money I want. “Can you build me a ScarJobot? ‘Cause I have ScarJobot kinda money.” Then you have people over and show them around and say “hey, have I shown you my ScarJobot?” Nothing weird about it, really. Just kinda fun and cool.

kate bush

I’m working so so so hard on a book, so no no no I say whenever I want to blog (and whenever I want to start an entirely new blog — multiple of times of day this happens, the battle consumes me), but I’m hopscotching around the desk top and there she is, Kate Bush, screengrabs from the other day when I allowed myself to take a step beyond “Wuthering Heights.” Something called Babooshka (a big word from my childhood). And a song called something else. We all watched as the Samsung beamed it to the Sony transfixed by the naked sincerity of it all. I had no idea. I mean, I guess I should have. But I didn’t.

Crop, save, repeat. And five days later, that’s what got me blogging!

kate bush 1

kate bush 2

kate bush 3

I mean, I’d still probably choose Princess Leia, just for the name recognition and sense of accomplishment. But I don’t know.

victoria jackson as mrs. claus

There’s something about her. Found this while writing this. She went to Auburn. There’s even more something about her.


Here she is at Auburn. Was so happy I found this. Unlabeled, but it’s her. I knew forever that she’d gone here. It’s one of those things you hear about. But never did hardcore digging. When I did, there she was, this golden Shira of the stage. In Auburn. In the early 80s. I could write a great short story. Normally I’d try to keep this to TWER because only TWER can have it and keep it and appreciate it. But no, it deserves to be out there. Just know I put it out there, that I have a special relationship with it. I’ve tried to email her a few times for interviews. Never works. You’d think it would work but it hasn’t worked. It’s OK.

victoria more

This is great, too.