another espn credit

ESPN used a bunch of my stories for an Untold (but not really) 2013 Iron Bowl stories segment for College GameDay yesterday.

You can read about how that happened (riveting) and watch the video here. (I keep smiling about the earthquake getting the ESPN seal of authenticity, what with writing that long stupid thing I wrote about how the earthquake game everyone thinks about when they hear “earthquake game” was pretty much invented by ESPN in exactly the same way.)

Had to let THIS happen to me (too bored / depressed to comment) while waiting for the credit they promised. But at least it was there, unlike the Bo, Barkley, Big Hurt documentary. I stood freezing outside in Snowmageddon ’14 talking to a source for those people. Oh, and also went archivin’ for photos. Now I’m mad again. This was, no lie, the fourth, maybe fifth time ESPN or folks making documentaries for them have asked for Auburn-y help. (Can’t even remember if I’ve gone into any of this stuff here before. Oh wait, yes, at least once. Wait, twice.)