lungfish opening for joan jett makes perfect sense

I was forced to instantly go back to college and type crazy thanks to “Truth Cult” by Lungfish and I got so excited by Lungfish I had to go on eBay and see if there was a “Win a date with Lungfish” auction or something. And I found this instead. And at first you’re like… but then at second you–the college you, the college me I mean, the sophomore college me I mean–is like, yes, this makes so much sense. I was dubbing Joan Jett and Lungfish records on tape my sophomore year, maybe on the same day. And hey, I honestly didn’t even listen to that much music. So I’m not sure this is a coincidence. Whatever it is, I mean, it’s cool, just enjoy it. I’m sure it was great.

lungfish joan jett

Maybe it should have been the other way around though. Yes definitely.

kate bush

I’m working so so so hard on a book, so no no no I say whenever I want to blog (and whenever I want to start an entirely new blog — multiple of times of day this happens, the battle consumes me), but I’m hopscotching around the desk top and there she is, Kate Bush, screengrabs from the other day when I allowed myself to take a step beyond “Wuthering Heights.” Something called Babooshka (a big word from my childhood). And a song called something else. We all watched as the Samsung beamed it to the Sony transfixed by the naked sincerity of it all. I had no idea. I mean, I guess I should have. But I didn’t.

Crop, save, repeat. And five days later, that’s what got me blogging!

kate bush 1

kate bush 2

kate bush 3

I mean, I’d still probably choose Princess Leia, just for the name recognition and sense of accomplishment. But I don’t know.

Road Trip and Music

Some stream crossing here. Dr. J with the guy from Vigilantes of Love. They weren’t super hip or anything, but still a fairly big name back in the alternateen vistas of 1990s Christian Birmingham. And now he and Jolley are pals. Heard all it about at Basden Eye Center. How did Dr. Jolley get into Vigilantes of Love. Who knows—and hey, who cares? People have different journeys that you know nothing, about, Jeremy. We’re all people. Music is music. And life is still happening. It just keeps happening. For me, Dr. Jolley, the guy from Vigilantes of Love. (My first reblog is proof– here goes…)

Quantum Est In Rebus Inane


Well, I suppose it wasn’t that much of a road trip.  A couple of hours plus a few minutes.  Got a chance to see Bill Mallonee and Muriah Rose, touring behind Winnowing.  I also got to meet them and to talk a bit.  Salt of the earth–but with all of their savor.  A memorable evening.

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