modest mouse is probaby into basketball, too

Auburn Bikini, W6 House, after beating Georgia, Nov. 2004.

A story I wrote on hipsters embracing their inner linebacker has been up at Flagpole for a few weeks.

(I’m tweaking it for a few other outlets, The War Eagle Reader likely included; that version might serve as a personal de-closeting – more than the original – a la Auburn Bikini. We’ll see.)

The first, UGA-angled version didn’t make it to print in time for the Auburn-Georgia game as intended, but Michelle, the music editor, said the (online? office buzz?) response was such that they’re running it anyway. Or already have. Something.

Beyond some back’n’forth between a guy who said hipsters are shallow and a hipster who took offense at that, comments have mostly trended toward basketball… in a thesis-threatening, not-so-fast kinda way.

The Pavement guys are really into college basketball, and they are the epitome of cool.


Built to Spill love basketball…just saying.

Hey, five bucks says Modest Mouse is into basketball, too. But that’s the point – one of several I didn’t get around to: the status of basketball in urban culture, baseball being culturally coopted by Cuba, and of course soccer having been “invented by European ladies to keep them busy while their husbands did the cooking” have allowed those sports to huddle proudly in the bohemian imagination for years.

Meanwhile Royal Bangs’ Ryan Shaeffer describes football Saturday’s in Knoxville thusly:

“It’s just a bunch of drunk assholes running around… it’s just depressing that has taken the place of culture.”