classic vlasic

I want to get a point in my blogging life and life in general I guess where I don’t have to sit here and pro and con whether to post a YouTube video of some svelte Croatian high jumper (redundant?) with a Euro-covers soundtrack that I happened to find while trying to Google the spelling of Vlasic (as in pickles, but now and forever more as Blanca Vlasic, my favorite Croatian high jumper), I just do it. I just throw it up there because, because I watched most of it and was like ‘wow, this is what people in Europe do’ and because she was all Christy Turlington-ish and mesmerizing and that’s what blogs are for, and because who cares? I think the new computer I ordered today (finally—thank you, Lord) will maybe help; a lot of the hesitation and second guessing comes when it’s taking things forever to load. Looking forward to the future. And the 2016 or whenever it is Olympics!