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Did Joey and the gang actually credit me as “recording manager”? I know they had it down as being recorded at the Bo Jackson House, which is what I called our place on Gidden Street for the three shows we had there (still hard to believe). But we had actually just moved to Sanders Street and so Bo was empty and perfect for a studio, or would have been had there been running water, which there should have been, but the water works, no friend to the Auburn music scene, had turned it off a few days early and locked the meter thing in the yard. So my duties as recording manager consisted of letting them in the house and popping the lock with bolt cutters (which I’d gotten quite good at by then) and letting them crank the heat however much they needed. They needed it a lot. The world was frozen. The night before, we’d all caravan’ed back to Auburn from a joint Haints / Auburn Bikini show in Birmingham at The Nick of all places (I think the Haints played, too — maybe they all just met us there or something) in pouring down ice at maybe 40 mph. It took four hours. Gas stations didn’t have power. It’s a big memory for Jennie and I, the whole weekend. Still talk about it.

Anyway, glad they did if they did (which yeah I think they did and which they obviously must have) because man, I’m listening to it again and that album is great. Joey Barrier hittin’ on all cylinders. It’s on Spotify.