This starts out so great. The woods part. Up until just after the zoom in on the eyes.

The song is so great. I have daydreams of getting into something like a studio with her, but actually like a real life situation, like a video setting or something but it’s real, and belting it out with her. Because I can. I can hit it. And it’s good. My voice is right there with it, loud and clear.  Juliana Barwick has a powerful effect on the whole fam, especially myself and Quinn. I’d seriously PayPal her some cash if there was a place to do it. Or wait, I guess I could just actually buy a record or something. Wild. Are there 3xT Juliana Barwick shirts? But yeah, The Magic Place gets him to sleep and Same keeps him there and takes me places.

OMG, places like The Magic Place! I just checked the video for that and the whole thing is great. Gosh it’s good. It’s perfect. We all started in heaven.