vine whine

My first real attempt at a Vine video. And it worked. But never posted to Twitter. Which means I can’t find the URL thing to let me embed it or link to. And the Vine app for Android doesn’t have a “share” option thing to click or hold down or check or anything to try to to tweet it again or whatever. I’ve looked. God’s looked. It’s not there. It’s madness.

But I dig the footage too much (for some reason) to keep it from the world. So here it is, Sadie razoring through Haley Center a couple of Saturdays back, with total disregard for whatever the Quiet Zone is. Just keep hitting replay.

she has the white fang

She’s sitting at the tiny desk in the kid’s room at the Gnu’s Room. My daughter – brilliant, beautiful, 4, great – looks up from her hot chocolate and closes the books she’s flipping through: The Great Illustrated Classics’ version of White Fang. I had it as a kid. It might still be in a box somewhere (or dude, it might, like, be at the Gnu’s Room… )

“Whatcha doin’, kiddo? Reading?”

“Yeah. This book is called The Dog and the Slow Pokes.

Oh, good God… I can’t stop thinking about it.