zondervan and the read option

A Bama fan sent this to a TWER reader who sent it to me. Bama fans are horrible people.

My year old (recently recycled) story on Tim Tebow’s impact on the Christian’s game day belief set –  i.e. whether or not God cares about football – made Dan Shanoff’s SECCG Eve list of “great Tebow-related stuff” along with pieces from ESPN and ABC and various other big-time sports sites. So that’s cool.

What’s not cool is that Tim did not win Solomon’s daughter. The Philistines prevailed. Evil reigns.

At first I thought the loss proved exactly why the phenomenon of Tebow’s eye black, which I realized, after discovering the blog Tebow’s Eye Black, might be able to revolutionize the cottage industry of “pigskin parables,” might not be able to revolutionize it; unlike a score-a-touchdown-for-Christ devotional simply worded to “appeal to your football fan,” a “Which Verse This Week” Bible study watch party organized to learn how you too can win the game (of life) like Tim Tebow might get pretty deep on nights like tonight.

But thanks to Tebow’s obviously divinely inspired choice of scripture, nights like tonight (eye-blacked not with the dauntlessness of Philippians 4:13, but the eschatological resignation of John 16:33) are exactly why The Gospel According to Tebow would work:

These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.