singing at toomer’s

Just posted this to TWER after a quick trip downtown with Jennie and Phoebe for blueberry frozen yogurt (can’t believe I just wrote the flavor—that is hardcore personal blogging). You see this stuff every now and then and you wonder who they are and what their lives are like and stuff. But they’re usually just taking turns reading from the Bible (I guess it’s the Bible), not singing from hymnals. It was kind of nice. Got me thinking about the poor, nut kid down there the night the news of the poisoning broke. Told everyone they were worshiping the trees (did get a little Druidic there toward the end, but I digress) and that the eagles were golden calves and stuff, and at one point started singing “Amazing Grace.” So in order for the Church of Auburn to have its moment all the people there had to drown out “Amazing Grace” and the Holy Word with “War Eagles” and “Bodda Gettas.” It was amazing. I have a video somewhere.