all hail the power of toomer’s

@ToomersOaks tweeted. The Auburn beat writers interviewed the Bama fan with the “Screw Updyke” sign. CNN kept after the 60-somethin’ Auburn woman dressed up for a War Eagle mardi gras. Auburn fans shouted the Auburn fight song at the young, disturbed street preacher, who instantly responded with the worst version of “All Hail The Power of Jesus’ Name” ever sung on Toomer’s Corner, or elsewhere.  God scratched his head. I left The Hug, and headed for the library and the microfiche.

I found an interesting story on Jay Jacobs in The Birmingham News from 1982, and some interesting descriptions of the scene at Legion Field after the ’82 Iron Bowl from The Plainsman: “Guys were hugging guys, girls were hugging girls, and guys were hugging other guy’s girlfriends.” And apparently if you looked hard enough you could find “23-22” Elvis dolls for sale.

On the way home, I read an email from a reporter at the Opelika-Auburn News who wanted to interview me about the supposed Bear Bryant Death Rolling. I am, apparently, an expert. And I have to say… I don’t want to lose this feeling.

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